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LED Hospitality Vehicles

This stunning LED vehicle is one-of-a-kind. It features integrated HD screens, an on-board generator, hydraulic safety rails and it is certified to carry up to 60 passengers. It has been used as a vehicle in the Olympic Games Torch Relay.

Transparent Truck

This vehicle has three transparent sides to create a stunning impression. This truck is an elegant event platform which includes an on-board generator to power the activation. This fully self-contained unit makes multi-location roadshows efficient and cost-effective.



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The Clear Idea Box

The Clear Idea Box has four transparent sides to create a stunning impression. It can also be fitted with skirts to conceal the chassis. The product is available for hire or purchase.

Pulse Container

The Pulse unit is ideal for roadshows, being small enough to fit in most places and large enough to provide a comfortable customer experience. The unit lowers to ground level for easy access and is ready for use in just a few minutes. 

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