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Why Use Mobile Billboard Advertising In Manchester

Nestled in the heart of England, Manchester stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence.

Renowned for its vibrant business landscape, Manchester is a cradle for pioneering enterprises and creative minds, alongside its esteemed universities and a youthful, diverse population. Famous for its festivals, landmark attractions, premier shopping destinations, and diverse culinary delights, Manchester is a city that never ceases to amaze.

For advertisers, Manchester offers a fertile ground for growth and visibility. The city’s advanced digital marketing platforms are a testament to its modernity. These platforms serve as a vital tool for brands aiming to connect with extensive urban demographics, providing a blend of wide-reaching national and strategically-focused local advertising campaigns.

Driving audience

and creating a lasting impression!

The biggest
and the best

Our fleet includes 20 DigiVans, each with 3 high quality, corner-to-corner LED screens.

Instant messaging

Broadcast multi-message campaigns on the move!

Nationwide delivery

Taking your campaign direct to big audiences

Make some noise

Full motion and audio available on every DigiVan.

Tourettes Action

“Thanks so much for your support with our campaign. It’s been really fantastic and our team have absolutely loved seeing themselves on the screens! So a big THANK YOU!!
We also got coverage on BBC and ITV regional with the DigiVan which has been great.
Also, can I just say how fantastic Alan your driver is. He was such a delight to work with, was great with our people and worked really hard to get great spots for the DigiVan. Can’t praise him enough to be honest!”

– Martin McLaughlin
The Point 1888

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Manchester Campaign

Manchester Campaign

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